Summer 2016

by Mother Duck

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released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Mother Duck Greensboro, North Carolina

Alex and Brody

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Track Name: Fake a Smile
Give it some time
You know I haven't seen you smile
In quite some time
And I've been faking mine for a while

But you still tell me all your dreams
And I know you know that I'm the only one who believes
Track Name: Crunching Tic Tacs
Indecision when planning ahead
I'm wishing on stars wasting my breath
Making sure I get it right this time
Can't let go of what I'm leaving behind

Here's to hoping I'll make some friends
When the summer comes along and high school ends
It's been four years of progress in letting myself down
When I come home this winter, will you still be around?

I'll be here
Letting myself down
I'll be here
Searching for you everywhere
I'll be here
I will still be here
Track Name: An Informal Goodbye
Well I'm sorry for moving slow
When you know which way to go
I'll walk with you back home
Your bedroom light is on
And I know that this could be just a dream
As heavy as it seems I'm leaving tonight

Don't take me on
I'm already far gone
Out west where no one seems to care

One by one, your veins will fray
There's no language left to learn
And our bridges have been burned
Well I've never been this dull
But I know that my heart pumps out coal
And it's blacker than this summer sky so

Don't take me on
I'm already far gone
Out west where no one seems to care
Track Name: Jet Ski Blues
Well I'm the shell of an old soul; a coward in fact. Had a fatal relapse from the lies I was once told, and I'm turning back again. Convince myself that we're just friends. Cause every year it always ends at the same time, running through the pages in my head, over and over. I watched you turn your back; walk right out your apartment. If you noticed, I caught you running back to me.